Welcome to 2022 IAGA Season


Congratulations to 2021 IAGA Club Champions - Ony Velez (Gross), Irfan Mehdi (Maharaja Net), Felix Solomon (Tiger Net), Ashok Vaid (Cobra Net). 2021 Club Championship Results


2022 New Membership and Annual Membership renewal is in full swing. 


Annual Membership Renewal instructions


  1. To renew your annual memberships, please make sure you first sign into the website iagagolf.golfgenius.com.  Again, you need to sign in using your username & password.
  2. Once signed in, from “Join our Club” pick “Annual Membership Renewal (Active Members)” --> Add to Cart
  3. Keep the “Automatically Renew Membership Program” checked on (this will put you on auto renew for next year(s)) and continue to the cart for payment to complete the renewal. 
  4. Choose Country and Enter Credit or Debit Card and Check the box “Save credit card information for later use”. Save Credit Card for later use will allow you to sign up for events using the same credit card during the year.
  5. Click on “Pay”. Once successful, you should get a confirmation email.


New Membership Signup instructions


Go to https://iagagolf.golfgenius.com/ --> Join our Club --> Join IAGA --> Register and Sign up