Have you had enough of family?? Vacations?? Diwali Celebrations?? New Year's parties??  Football???  Rain?? Cold???  Sounds like you've been taking part in the IAGA off season!!!  Well, get the rust off those clubs and start your workout routines and those stretches we taught you last year because IT IS TIME!!!!


Welcome your new IAGA Committee members who helped shape the details inside IAGA 2020.  Many thanks to all of them for stepping up and wanting to make a contribution to the longevity of IAGA.  This is no easy task as these volunteers are finding out.  While it may look easy to you as participants, a lot of work goes on with many endless hours with attention to details and implementation.  As we have said, it's easy to talk and suggest, but your real commitment shows when you raise your hand to do the work.  Thanks IAGA 2020 Committee:  Ravi Pindiproli, Madhav Halbe, Sunil Ramaiah, BJ Desai, Vishal Malakar, Aditya Ranjan, Vineet Sharma, Raj Gautam.


With the renewal process behind us, we are ready to begin the IAGA 2020 Tour with a GRAND OPENING event at CINNABAR HILLS in February.  There will be many more details on this fantastic start to the 2020 Season and the sign ups will be open shortly, but for now, HEEEEEERRRRREEEE is IAGA 2020:


  • 9 regular season stroke play events........8 regular season 18 hole events and ONE 36 hole Club Championship
  • 2 Match Play events...........INDIVIDUAL & TEAM
  • Special note on INDIVIDUAL Match Play......each flight will have their OWN Match Play.  So there will be 3 Champions.....Maharaja, Tiger, & Cobra!!!!  AND...each player will be limited to the maximum index allowed for the Flight similar to stroke play.  So Maharaja will have a max handicap of 10.....Tiger max of 17 and Cobra max of 24.  This will make for greater competition and you will be pitted against those you want to show that YOU own the flight....not them!!
  • ONE MAJOR.....at the MID YEAR mark.  More details to follow.  But will require QUALIFICATION to be eligible for the Big $$$$ and Prizes
  • Fixed pricing for most events, with dynamic for those with premium charges....ie. Silverado and Club Championship
  • World Handicapping Index will be used for all events with adjustments allowed by handicap committee for players not adhering to fair play posting rules.  No more IAGA index.  We want to simplify.  World Handicapping has done all the hard work.  Let's use it.  This requires our members to be more diligent on understanding how to post scores and posting them in a timely manner.  Integrity matters and we recognize most of our members are posting as required.  We will address the exceptions as needed.
  • Golfer of the Year within each flight continues.
  • And many more of the details will be posted in the IAGA guidelines shortly.  Be sure to review them to make your experience in IAGA events more enjoyable.


And here is your IAGA 2020 Tour Schedule:


  • CINNABAR - February 29th with a 9:00 am Mandatory Breakfast
  • COYOTE CREEK - March 28th with a 8:00 am Mandatory Breakfast
  • HALF MOON BAY OCEAN - April 25th with a 8:30 AM Shotgun with a Mandatory Post Round Lunch
  • WENTE - May 9th with a 8:00 am Mandatory Breakfast
  • HALF MOON BAY OLD COURSE - June 13th with a 8:30 AM Shotgun with a Mandatory Post Round Lunch (MAJOR)
  • EAGLE VINES - July 18th with a 8:00 am Shotgun with a Mandatory Post Round Lunch
  • SILVERADO - August 22nd with a 9:00 am Shotgun with a Optional Post Round Lunch
  • WENTE - September 26th with a 8:30 Mandatory Breakfast (Lassi & Egg Parantha????....maybe)
  • COYOTE CREEK - October 17th & 18 with a 8:00 am Mandatory Breakfast Day 1 and 9:00 am Shotgun on Day 2 with a Mandatory Post Round Lunch on Day 2


As you can see, it will be a FUNTASTIC 2020 Season at some EXCELLENT venues sure to challenge your game while giving you a GRAND golfing experience.  Tons of FUN is in store for sure.  And let's not forget the MATCH PLAY events with their DRAMA!!!!


Heeeeerrrrreeeeee we go IAGA 2020!!! Have a great time with it.  Stay tuned for the sign up notifications for the first event of the season as well as the Match Play signups to begin.  Many more details to come.


Now on the first tee..................................Hit away please!!!!!



Congratulations to 2019 IAGA Club Champions - Agha Mehdi, Satish Dalal, Ravi Pindiproli, Chetan Pungalia