Player Information Sheet

Coyote Creek Golf Course – Tournament Course

San Jose, CA

Saturday – October 17-18, 2020


Listed below is important tournament information. Please read carefully. 


Club Location:

Coyote Creek Golf Club

One Coyote Creek Golf Drive

Morgan Hill, CA 95037




36 holes of individual stroke play. This a 2 day event.


Start Times:

Saturday: October 17, 2020, 9:15am Shotgun start

Sunday: October 18, 2020, 9am Shotgun start



There will be no registration, scoring area or awards ceremony for the tournament. Players should arrive at their designated tee at least 10 minutes prior to their start time including additional guidance from IAGA Committee

Time of Starting and Late Show: 

Players are responsible for showing up and ready to play on time to their correct tee. The player will be penalized for arriving after their time and disqualified for showing up after 4 minutes 59 seconds after their starting time. The official starting time are posted at:



Range balls will be provided


Rules for the Day: 

  • The 2020 USGA Rules of Golf are in effect and are supplemented by the IAGA Standard Local Rules. The committee will provide any additional Local Rules needed on the tournament days. It is the individual player’s responsibility to know the Conditions of the Competition. 
  • Summer Rules - Play the ball down. Putt out all putts. No gimmees    
  • Maharaja plays BLUE tees ---- Tiger/Cobra/Guests plays WHITE tees     
  • CTP: #7 for Maharaja/Tiger/Cobra Divisions    
  • Long Drives: #17 for Maharaja, #10 for Tiger/Cobra Divisions    


Local Rules:         

  • Green Top Red Stakes are environmental hazard. Play as lateral with 1 stroke penalty        
  • DROP AREAS on Holes #5, #8, #16 
  • IAGA Speed of Play MAX IN EFFECT: 
  • RULE  7, 8, 9  is in effect and applies to ALL Division​​​​​​s
  • On a par 3, if you are going to hit shot #7….pick up and score a 7          
  • On a par 4, if you are going to hit shot #8….pick up and score a 8
  • On a par 5, if you are going to hit shot #9….pick up and score a 9


PENALTY for SLOW PLAY:                

  • Administered by on course Marshalls - DO NOT YELL AT THE MARSHALLS!   
  • Any groups that gets behind by 1 complete hole will get a warning and asked to pick up pace                 
  • After the warning if they don't pick up, the entire group will be assessed a 1 stroke penalty.                 
  • The group will NOT be asked to move to the next tee.                
  • Same group is assessed with a 2nd violation will be assessed an additional 2 stroke penalty.                
  • Entire group is responsible for slow play. No finger pointing please.  


What are we playing for:

  • Flight Winners
  • Maharaja/Tiger/Cobra Low Gross 36 Holes
  • Day 1 only: Low Net Overall
  • Day 1 only: LD Maharaja and Tiger/Cobra
  • Day 1 only: CTP
  • Day 2 only: Low Net Overall
  • Skins Day 1 only

Maximum Handicap:

  • Maharaja Division: 8.9 Handicap Index or 10 Course Handicap
  • Tiger Division: 15.9 Handicap Index or 17 Course Handicap
  • Cobra Division: 22.9 Handicap Index or 24 Course Handicap

Food Service: 

Player breakfast or lunches will be provided. 




Dress Code: 


All players must be properly attired both on the golf course and on the premises of the club.  Blue jeans, designer jeans, T-shirts and tank tops are prohibited unless otherwise approved by the host club.  Golf shirts must be worn and shorts must be of appropriate length (no jean shorts).  This dress code will be used at all IAGA competitions in conjunction with any additional dress code restrictions of the particular golf course involved.  A violation of this dress code must be rectified without undue delay or the player will not be allowed to continue play.


Golf Rangefinders and Apps:

Golf Rangefinders and Apps are allowed in non-Tournament mode. Player will be disqualified if found to using non-approved equipment or software.



All ties will be determined by USGA recommended method for matching scorecards


Withdrawals and No Shows: 

Players who enter an IAGA event and wish to withdraw for any reason MUST notify the IAGA by sending an email to Failure to notify the IAGA will result in a NO SHOW and the player may receive a one-year suspension from all IAGA events for the following calendar year following the infraction. A player who only contacts the course and NOT the IAGA will incur the suspension.



The Local Rule as prescribed in Section 8 of the Committee Procedures is in effect. Model Local Rule G-7. Penalty for breach of Local Rule – see Rule 4.3.


All other questions concerning this event, contact the IAGA by sending an email to



Congratulations to 2019 IAGA Club Champions - Agha Mehdi, Satish Dalal, Ravi Pindiproli, Chetan Pungalia