Membership and Tournament Guidelines
2019 Season


Outlined below are guidelines for our membership to follow as you progress through the year. These guidelines will enhance your golfing experience in the IAGA. They will ensure the IAGA Committee is able to run events efficiently and with minimal stress. PLEASE ADHERE TO THESE GUIDELINES. They apply to ALL participants; no exemptions or exceptions are allowed.




New Membership or Reinstatement of membership (includes NCGA) – Regular members enjoy the full IAGA benefits. A ONE-TIME payment is processed at the time of initiation:

  • Adults: $220
  • Juniors: $60 (Age 7-17 years)
  • New member signup after August 1st are not eligible for Club Championships.
  • New member signup after August 1st will have their IAGA membership run through next year.
  • New Members must be sponsored by an Active Member to join the club.


Membership Renewal (including NCGA) – This is an ANNUAL PAYMENT processed in December:

  • Adults: $200
  • Juniors: $60


Membership Cancellation (including NCGA) – You can cancel your membership anytime by sending an email to IAGA. Your paid IAGA/NCGA membership fees for the year are non-refundable. Your membership with IAGA and NCGA will remain active for the year through December. We will cancel your IAGA/NCGA in December during the renewal process for next year. Send cancellation email to:


Tournament Schedule: IAGA tournament schedule is posted at or





Tournament Fees for Stroke Play includes Breakfast/Lunch, Green Fees, Cart, Range Balls, and Prizes:

  • Adult: Dynamic pricing per tournament
  • Juniors: $80/tournament. IAGA Junior events will have lower fees
  • Guests: Dynamic pricing per tournament
  • Skins: $20 (Skins game participation is optional. Must be over the age of 18 to participate)
  • Club Championships, Major and Match Play – IAGA tournament fees for these special events vary.
  • Tournament fees are in addition to the annual Membership Fees.




IAGA has the following flights based on your handicaps. Each active member is assigned to one of these IAGA flights for Stroke Play tournaments:

  • Maharaja Flight – Members with an IAGA handicap index (HI) of <8.9 or lower are assigned to this Net flight. A maximum of 10 course handicap (CH) is allowed. Tiger flight members can play in the Maharaja Flight with a maximum handicap for this flight. All players including junior boys play from the Blue Tees. Junior Girls play White tees
  • Tiger Flight – Members with a IAGA handicap index between 9.0 and 15.9 are assigned to this Net flight. A maximum of 17 course handicap (CH) is allowed. Cobra Flight members can play in this flight with a maximum handicap for the flight. All players including junior boys play from the White Tees. Junior Girls play Red tees


  • Cobra Flight – Members with a IAGA handicap index >16.0 are assigned to this Net flight. A maximum of 24 course handicap (CH) is allowed. All players including junior boys play from the White Tees. Junior Girls play Red tees


  • Guests – Guest or other non-eligible members are not eligible to participate in any tournament activities including skins. All guests must play from the White Tees or other assigned by IAGA.





All eligible tournament members play to a Handicap Index assigned by the IAGA for Stroke and Match Play events.

Stroke Play Handicap: Members with a NCGA established handicap will play to IAGA Handicap Index that is based on the LOWER of:

  • Current handicap index published by NCGA 


  • Average differential of 2 low current year IAGA Tournament scores
  • If you have not played 2 IAGA tournaments in the current year, average differential of 2 low IAGA Tournament scores up to 12 months rolling
  • A handicap index established by a recognized Amateur Tour (E.g. Golf Channel Amateur Tour)


  • New Regular member with a NCGA handicap: If you have an established NCGA/USGA handicap index and this is your first tournament with IAGA and a minimum of 4 scores have been posted in the last 6 months, you will play to the current NCGA index. Your sponsoring member must verify your current NCGA index. 
  • New Regular member without a NCGA handicap – If you currently do not have an established NCGA/USGA handicap, the first two IAGA tournament scores will be used to evaluate your playing level. IAGA committee will assign you a temporary handicap index from the 3rd tournament until a NCGA/USGA handicap is established.

    Note: You will NOT be eligible for prizes and skins in your 1st two IAGA tournaments except Closest to the Pin and Long Drive competitions.


Skins Handicap: Participation in the Skins is optional. A maximum of 18 Course Handicap will be assigned for the skins game. Must be over the age of 18 to participate in skins.


Match Play Handicaps: This competition uses IAGA handicap indexes assigned to you at the beginning of each Match Play round. Detailed Match Play rules will be provided at the start of the match play events.

  • Current active members must have an established IAGA handicap index to participate.
  • New member without a NCGA handicap – If you currently do not have an established three-month NCGA handicap you are NOT eligible to participate in Match Play.


Handicap Adjustments: IAGA Committee reserves the right to lower indexes at any time if it is determined that a player is not maintaining handicaps or posting within the spirit of the USGA/NCGA guidelines. As an example, if IAGA tournament scores are below those of the established handicap, a review and adjustment by the committee is possible for future events.




The following tournament formats are used during the season:

  • Stroke Play: Majority of the tournaments are conducted in this format
  • Major: – IAGA will have 1 major during the year. Each Flight will have its own MAJOR winner. Major winner gets golf entry into the Club Championships + $100 (No skins).
  • Individual and Team Match Play
  • Parent/Junior – IAGA will organize a parent/junior tournament during this year
  • Club Championship Format and Eligibility:
    • Club Championship is a 2-day mandatory 36-hole event
    • Trophy awarded to Maharaja-Gross Champion (Sudden death playoff in case of tie)
    • Trophy awarded to Maharaja-Net Champion (Sudden death playoff in case of tie)
    • Trophy awarded to Tiger-Net Champion (Card Playoff in case of tie)
    • Trophy awarded to Cobra-Net Champion (Card Playoff in case of tie)
    • A member MUST play in a minimum of 3 regular season events PRIOR to be eligible for the awards and prizes in the Club Championship.  The Individual and Team Match Play events counts as qualifying events for Club Championship
    • If you have played in less than 3 tournaments during the regular season, you can still play in Club Championship but would not be eligible for prizes.
  • Golfer of the Year (GOY): Golfer of the Year will be based on regular season events with equal points for all events. No longer will we award DOUBLE POINTS for a Major.  This will identify the true GOY, not just those who won the MAJORS. Golfer of the Year is formatted to recognize the player who displays the most consistent golf throughout the year. We recognize Golfer of the Year for Maharaja, Tiger and Cobra flights. The OVERALL points earner in the best 4 stroke play tournaments will be crowned Golfer of the Year. Each player will earn points based upon performance within their respective flight. Top 5 players based on Maharaja, Cobra and Tiger NET results within each flight will get 100/80/60/40/20 points. In case of a tie breaker at the end of the season, we will use Best 4, Best 3, Best 2, Best 1, Last tournament eligible for GOY in order to break ties. 


  • Tournament Signups: You must sign up for a tournament by responding to the tournament email with a “YES”.  Once confirmed with a “YES”, you are committed and will be held responsible for the entry payment, unless you withdraw in accordance with the cancellation policy below. Emails are sent from During the signup for a tournament, please choose your playing partner preference (we cannot accommodate requests to form your own foursome). IAGA will create foursomes and publish or communicate via website or email closer to the tournament date.
  • Tournament Payments: IAGA processes payments via PayPal. We do not accept cash or checks. If you do not have a PayPal account, you will need to buddy up with another member to pay and settle with them.


  • Deadlines – Deadlines to sign up and payments for a tournament are ONE week prior to the tournament unless specified differently by the IAGA for a specific tournament. If a payment is not received 3 days prior to the tournament date, we may remove the member from the tournament field. If you fail to pay by tournament date, IAGA will access a $20 late fee.
  • Tournament Cancellation Policy: The following cancellation policy applies for all tournaments:
    • Members can cancel their and/or guest entry 1 week prior to the tournament date (> 7 days) – NO CHARGE
    • Members can cancel their and/or guest entry between 2-5 days prior to the tournament date - NO CHARGE IF REPLACEMENT IS FOUND, 100% OF THE TOURNAMENT FEE PENALTY IF REPLACEMENT IS NOT FOUND
    • Members can cancel their and/or guest entry within 24 hours of the tournament - 100% OF THE TOURNAMENT FEE PENALTY
    • Member or Guest are a NO SHOW at the tournament - 100% OF THE TOURNAMENT FEE PENALTY. If a member does not inform the IAGA committee for more than 1 tournament, IAGA will not accept their entry for rest of the year.
    • Members are encouraged to help IAGA Committee to find a replacement if the cancellation is within 7 days of the tournament
    • IAGA Committee shall make every effort to find a replacement but cannot guarantee a replacement.




  • Attendance at the Members Breakfast or Lunch is mandatory, unless stated otherwise by IAGA. All Members much reach within 10-minute grace period of the assigned time. Late arrival may be excluded from raffle. You must understand this one guideline that can make the difference between a smooth run event and one that falls apart. Do not consider yourself exempt.  
  • For Tee Times start you will be required to show up on the first tee 15 minutes prior to your assigned tee time ready to go. Tee times will be communicated 1 day prior to the tournament day, if not sooner. We cannot make any last-minute changes to the tee times on the day of the tournament. If you miss your tee time, you will be DISQUALIFIED
  • All tournament results are unofficial until FINALIZED and COMMUNICATED by IAGA committee.
  • We strictly follow and enforce USGA rules for tournament play. Local rules for the golf course apply. IAGA Committee will communicate additional local rules before the start of the tournament.
  • Rules Dispute: In case of a dispute in regard to rules, play a second ball and let the IAGA committee decide on the correct ruling after the round. Do not waste any time arguing the correct ruling during the tournament.
  • Tie Breakers: USGA Rule 33-6 empowers the IAGA committee to determine how and when a halved match or a stroke play tie is decided. Here are the Tie Breaker rules for IAGA events:
    • Match Play Tie Breakers:
      • Playoff: If the IAGA committee requires a playoff, the match should be played off hole by hole until one side wins a hole. The play-off should start on Hole #1. Handicap strokes fall as per original 18-hole match.
      • Card Playoff: Card playoff winner is decided using the NET scores in the following order:
        • Back nine score
        • If tied, go to holes 13-18
        • If tied, go to holes 16-18
        • If tied, go to hole 18
        • If still tied, go #1 handicap, #2 handicap, and so on till tie is broken
          Note: Handicap strokes fall as per original 18-hole match.

    • Stroke Play Tie Breakers (Card Playoff):
      • Use last nine, six, three, and finally 18th hole. One half, one-third, one-sixth, one-18th of the handicap should be deducted from the scores on these holes. Fractions of one-half stroke or more should count as a full stroke; any lesser fractions should be disregarded.

        EXAMPLE: Assume Dan has a 9 handicap and Joe a 14 handicap:
        • Dan 39 – (9 / 2) = 39-4.5 = 39-5 = 34
        • Joe 41 – (14 / 2) = 41-7 = 34
        • TIE
        • Dan 27 – (9/3) = 27-3=24
        • Joe 29 – (14/3) = 29 – 5 = 24
        • TIE
  • Dan 12 – (9/6) = 12-2 = 10
  • Joe 14 – (14/6) = 14-2 =12
  • Dan WINS!


  • Card Playoff: All regular season tournaments use the above-mentioned tie-breakers for all flights. Individual and Team Match Play events use this method except for the rounds mentioned below.


  • Sudden Death Playoff: IAGA requires a sudden death playoff starting from Hole #1. If Hole #1 is not available, IAGA committee may decide to start playoff from another hole. Handicaps will be where they lie on the scorecard. Sudden death playoff applies to the following tournaments and flights:
    • Maharaja-Gross and Maharaja-Net champions at the season ending Club Championships
    • Final matches for Individual and Team Match Play
  • Tournament Prizes for Regular Stroke Play events: Prize money will be published on the tournament sheet at the day of the tournament.
  • Tournament Prizes for Major, Match Play and Club Championships events: Prizes money is increased and varies for these KEY events.
  • Tournament Prizes for Juniors in ALL events: No Cash Prizes will be awarded to Juniors or to their parents. Prizes in the form of gifts will based on the USGA guidelines “Rules for Amateur Status for Juniors”. 
  • Raffle Prizes: All active members participating in an event are eligible for raffle. Juniors are not eligible raffle prizes in a regular IAGA event.
  • Local rules for Speed of Play: The following Speed of Play provisions are in place to make sure we finish our tournament rounds in 5 hours or less:
    • 7-8-9 Rule: This IAGA LOCAL rule is to speed up play only. This rule applies to all IAGA tournaments (except Maharaja-Gross and Maharaja-Net flights in Club Championship):
      • Par 3 – If you are hitting your 7th shot, pick up and write a 7 on the scorecard.
      • Par 4 – If you are hitting your 8th shot, pick up and write an 8 on the scorecard.
      • Par 5 – If you are hitting your 9th shot, pick up and write a 9 on the scorecard.


NOTE: We have done extensive analysis on historical scorecards and found out this local rule does not really alter the results of the tournament. Don’t worry about if someone is getting a break by IAGA max rule but think about how it helps us in getting off the course sooner. No one really wants a 6-hour round.


  • Provisional Ball: If your golf ball is heading towards tall grass that is in play. When in doubt about your shot, before going and looking for your ball, play a second provisional ball. This will avoid a trip back to the original spot in case of a lost ball.
  • Additional Suggestions for Speed of Play:
    • ALL members must complete the round in no more than 5 hours. We will have a rabbit group who will finish the round no later than 4 hours and 45 minutes (this assumes that the course was not delayed prior to our tee-off). A member from this group will be the IAGA course marshal upon completion of their round and will help insure that all foursome finish in 5 hours.
    • ALL foursomes must keep up with the group in front of them. IAGA is not a look behind club. You must keep up with the group IN FRONT of you. It doesn't matter that there is nobody behind you. If you can't see the group in front of you, YOUR group is playing slow. We will have an IAGA marshal monitor each group during the course of play. If at any time a group is 1.5 holes behind the group in front of them, THE ENTIRE GROUP may be asked to pick up and move to the next tee box and be assessed an IAGA 7-8-9 Rule for every member. There is no finger pointing allowed as it is the ENTIRE group's responsibility to monitor itself to stay close to the group ahead. This rule applies regardless of the 5 hour - 15-minute guideline. There is NO excuse for being 1.5 holes behind the group in front of you...KEEP UP!
    • If your group is behind by couple of holes, 2 players from the foursome can finish putting first and go to the next tee to tee off, while the remaining 2 players finishing putting. This process should be followed until you are caught up. 
    • Another procedure to help you keep up will be for players to hit when it's their turn. Too often in the IAGA we park our carts next to the person who is away, wait for them to hit, then together they go to the next person's ball. Go to the player whose ball is the furthest away, drop them off, let them take 2-3 clubs and then drive to your ball. Be ready to hit when it's your turn. Follow this process all the way to the green and then putt out in turn on the green. From past experience this makes a HUGE difference.



In consideration of the Indo-American Golf Association (hereinafter IAGA), organizing and hosting golf tournaments and promoting competitive golf, and inviting to participate in the IAGA, Members, Guests, their families or others (hereinafter Participants) agree as follows:

  • Participants covenant not to bring any action legal, equitable, or otherwise, or to make any claim of any nature whatsoever against the IAGA, its officers, committees, trustees, employees, agents, instructors, representatives, volunteers, or/and any other persons involved with the IAGA activities, either directly or indirectly, for any personal injury or injuries, including death or property damage which participants may suffer or might sustain in engaging IAGA activities necessarily or incidentally associated therewith.
  • Participants hereby release and further discharge the IAGA, its officers, committees, trustees, employees, agents, instructors, representatives, volunteers, or/and any other persons involved with the IAGA activities, either directly or indirectly, for any personal injuries, death or property damage which participants may suffer or incur either directly or others indirectly as a result of participation in the IAGA activities.
  • Participants make these covenants, release and waivers knowingly and voluntarily with full knowledge of any existing dangers in training, practicing, playing, traveling and any other IAGA activities; which dangers participants hereby further expressly voluntarily assume.
  • IAGA reserves the right to take photos of all participants at all IAGA tournaments and events. IAGA further shall have the exclusive and irrevocable right to use these golf photos in print, web or other media to promote IAGA and its events, without compensation to the IAGA member or participants.
  • Participants execute this release with the intent to be legally bound hereby for them and on behalf of their heirs, administrators, executors and assigns.


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IAGA Advisory Committee: Raj Gautam and Vineet Sharma

IAGA Rules Committee: BJ Desai, Raj Gautam and Vineet Sharma

IAGA Web Master: Tarun Goyal